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Course Name: Auditing Financing Statements
CPE Credits: 4
Type: Online/Video
Exam: Passing grade (70%)
Price: $60 $54

Many organizations are audited by independent public accountants. The purpose of an audit is to express an opinion on the fairness of presentation of financial information prepared by management. An audit enhances the value of financial information by making it more trustworthy and credible.

In this multi-part course, we are going to learn how public accountants plan and execute an audit. This video CPE course is broken into four sections as follows:

Part I: An overview of the financial statement audit
Part I: Auditing principles
Part III: Internal controls and fraud controls
Part IV: Auditing cycles and audit completion

ABCs of auditing
Audit profession players
Generally accepted auditing standards
Ethics and rules of professional conduct for auditors
Independent auditors report
Auditors report with reservations
Management assertions audit objectives
The audit process
Audit evidence
Audit risk model
Inherent risk
Client risk profile
Working papers
Internal controls
COSO internal control framework
Assessing internal control risk
Testing internal controls
Small business assurance engagements
Fraud schemes
Fraud triangles
Fraud prevention and detection
Auditing planning
Audit programs
Auditing the sales cycle
Substantive audit procedures
Auditing for fraud
Completing the audit